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Destin, Florida

by Chief

The gulf coast has such amazing white sand beaches.  We moved a little east to Destin, Florida which has one of the best state parks.  Henderson Beach state park is an amazing spot to camp.  The sites are clean and spacious.  The beach is a quick bike ride or walk through the dunes away.  We spent a really nice week at the campground.

Luca and Skye came up with the idea to sell cookies to the other campers.  Each afternoon they road their bikes door to door meeting all of the snowbirds and selling a few cookies.  The cookie business was a great opportunity for the kids to learn about gross vs net profit.  Some of their inventory was lost (to cookie monsters) which really cut in to the net profits.


After our big road trip we had a ton of school work to catch up on.  The scanning of Skye’s work is such a huge time commitment.  Luca is able to churn through some of his lessons but still needs a lot of hands on help with social studies and English.

Destin, like most of Florida is just a bunch of condos and malls.  We found the Walmart, Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble.  The kids were so excited to settle in and read some new books.  During the days Skye found a new friends to play with.  Luca was feeling pretty lonely without any other boys around.  Thankfully we lucked out and had nice sunny weather!

After our week was done we headed east to highway 30A towards Seaside.

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