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St. Augustine, Florida

by Chief

St. Augustine was one of our favorite cities in Florida. We stayed at the KOA in town which was a perfect running/biking distance to the beach.  Each morning Ginger and I would jog down before work and enjoy the Atlantic waves as the sun came up.


There is so much history in St. Augustine.  At the lighthouse we studied maps that showed all of the shipwrecks off of the coast dating back to the 1700s.  The fort in town is also one of the oldest in the country.  Along the coast, there are so many inlets and bays it is a perfect place to take shelter for boats.

Luca was not a fan of the lighthouse hike and would not come out on the top deck to see the view.  What a cool piece of history to visit.

Falcon Heavy Launch, Cape Canaveral

During our visit to St. Augustine the inaugural SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch was set to happen.  We quickly rearranged our schedule (mostly work) to drive back down to Cape Canaveral for the launch.  We made it down to the launch site with plenty of time to spare.  The no-see-ums and sun were fierce while we waited pretty much the whole day for the launch to happen.

Once the countdown kicked off the energy woke everyone up.  It was really excited to count down with the crowd and feel the ground shake as one of the biggest rockets took flight for the first time.    As the rocket headed to space we then got to watch two of the boosters land just a few miles away.  I am so happy that we got to see the launch and that Luca and Skye will remember that part of the trip.


Our time around St. Augustine was so enjoyable.  The KOA campground cost a fortune but had a lake just behind our spot.  Ginger had a nice little dog park to chase the ball in and we were close to everything.

Next stop Tybee Island, Georgia.

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