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Orlando, Florida

by Chief

We stayed in Orlando for a couple of weeks after returning from Montana.  The RV park that we stayed in was nothing to write home about but was close to the Magic Kingdom.  My main gripes was that there was nothing walkable form the park and the wifi, which we paid for was so slow.  Ginger liked the dog park there and met lots of puppy friends.  Every night the sky would light up from the fireworks over Disney each night.

During the stay in Orlando we were lucky enough to visit with family and friends on a couple of occasions.  Lara’s Dad and Cynthia drove up from their condo in Tampa to take us out to lunch at Tutto Italia in Epcot Center.  We had a wonderful afternoon overlooking the water and eating yummy Italian food.

A few days later we took a trip south west to Fort Meyers to visit Liz at the US sailing conference.  The kids and Liz had fun day at the beach riding huge water slides, riding a mechanical shark and racing model boats.
Ginger and I spent the day in Liz’s hotel room working and on conference calls.  It was really nice to see Liz and have a day at the beach.

Our next visit was from one of Luca’s old friends from School.  Read and Cam came to visit Disney from their new home in Toronto.  We met up at the Disney Beach Club hotel on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Luca, Skye, Cam and Read all had a great time playing basketball and checking out the hotel.  It is amazing just how big the scale of the Disney resort actually is.  The monorail pulls right out front to get around.  Check out this lobby!

We spent the rest of the week working, playing soccer at the park and getting caught back up on school work.  The kids went door to door selling cookies all throughout the RV park.  When Luca gets the itch he is a sales machine.

On Friday after work we hooked up and headed North to St. Augustine.

Back to the coast!

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