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Washington DC

by Chief

We took a quick road trip without the trailer up to Washington DC.  One of the goals for the road trip was to let our kids learn some of our countries history in person.  The drive from Cape Lookout took most of the day and we arrived in to DC late that evening.  We past the lit up National Monument, Federal Building and the White House before we pulled in to our hotel.  Walking Ginger around downtown was a great tour of all the consulates and embassies.

Lara and the kids explored the city by bus and had a great time.  They loved the spy museum and all of the amazing exhibits at the Smithsonian.  It brought back memories from the movie Night at the Museum for them.

I had to work while we there but got out running each morning with Ginger.  It was a good way to push my running mileage by trying to see more of all the sights.  Running on the National Mall was an amazing experience.

Staying in the downtown was a lot of fun. After work the city came alive with bustling restaurants, yoga and spin classes. There were lots of healthy young people out each night.  Luca and I watched an adult coed soccer matches at Stead Park while we played.  I could definitely live in a community like that.

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