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Big Sky, Montana

by Chief

For the past few years we have been spending Christmas with our family in Montana.  Even though we were already traveling this year we wanted to make the trip west to be with Family.  The day of our flight was sunny and in the 80’s as we ran errands and dropped Ginger off at the kennel.  A quick check showed that Big Sky was -15 degrees f.

The airport was packed and we made our way to our flight with all of the other holiday travelers.  We were scheduled to change planes in Denver and arrive in Bozeman around midnight.

Denver as always had a bumpy approach that shook up Luca.  Once we hit the ground we could see that it was a full on blizzard.  There were trucks with flashing lights buzzing around everywhere you looked.  The snowplows were pushing huge mounds of snow off of the taxi lanes and runways.  There must have been 50 de-icing trucks blasting off all of the outgoing planes.

We made it to our gate and to run to our Bozeman flight without any pit stops.  We pushed back from the gate and parked in the de-icing line.  It took us two and half hours to get de-iced and off the ground.  By the time we arrived in Bozeman it was 3:30 am local time.  We had a quick sleep at our hotel and then headed up the canyon to Big Sky.

It was so nice to see our family and celebrate a beautiful white Christmas.  We had awesome snow and spent as much time on the slopes as we could.

Our trip back to Florida was much easier than the way out.  We had nice long stop in Denver with smoothies and breakfast.  Luca was so excited about the insanely fast Denver Airport free wifi.  He filled up as many iPads as he could with new movies for the trip.

Once we landed back in Miami we lost our extra layers of clothes and picked up a happy Ginger at the kennel.  After a quick stop at Trader Joes we pulled the camper out of storage and headed to our next campground in Homestead.  It was time to settle down for the week and get caught up on work and school lessons.

Next stop Orlando!

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