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Clearwater, FL

by Chief

Luca and Skye were both so touched by the movie Dolphin Tale which takes place in Clearwater, Florida.  The movie is based on a true story of how a boy finds and saves a injured dolphin from one of Clearwater’s beaches.  After we watched the movie we went online and found out more about Winter and her story.

The Clearwater Aquarium was a fun stop for us.  It was surreal to see all the movie set and to meet the all of the animals.  Winter is getting pretty old but looked happy to just float in her tank and check out the people.

Skye and Luca loved learning about the stingrays in the petting tank.  Skye was scared but finally overcame the fear and touched one.  The Stingrays are so soft and silky to touch.

We watched Nick the dolphin earn his dinner in the big tank outside.  He would get so excited when he did a trick right that he would cackle and back flop.  He was rescued as a baby and cannot return to the wild.

After the aquarium we could not find anywhere close to stay.  We ended up staying at Cracker Barrel which  allows customers to stay overnight.  Unfortunately, the cracker barrel menu is about as far from vegan friendly as you can get.  We ended up having baked sweet potatoes and a mid-western style  garden salad which did the trick.

Next stop St. Petersburg.

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