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Saguaro and White Sands National Monument

by Chief

The drive across the California desert in to Arizona was beautiful.  It took a full day to make it across to Tucson where we camped for the night at Walmart.  We had a campground picked out but it turned out to be a clothing optional kind of place.  In the morning we headed out to Saguaro National Park.  It was fun to learn about the Saguaros and how old they are.  It takes them about 100 years to grow arms.

From Saguaro we headed east to White Sands National Monument near Las Cruces, New Mexico.   When you pull in to White Sands the road changes from pavement to sand which looks more like a winter wonderland than dunes.


We explored the dunes and then headed to the visitor center so the kids could get there junior ranger badges.  Outside of the visitor center we studied and then did a fun lunchtime workout.  Once the workbooks were done and the badges were earned we headed back to the dunes for some sledding.


The visitor center sells/rents sleds which are awesome.  The sand that has a high amount of gypsum in it which is great for sledding.  We had previously tried to sand board in Oregon with horrible luck.  Luca and Skye were so pumped and were out there for hours.  The next day Luca could hardly walk from all of the climbing.

Just before sunset we headed out of White Sands for El Paso.  Next stop Florida!

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