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Cape Kiwanda part 2

by Chief

Last night I took a quick late night run down to the beach to take some photos. I have not done too much astrophotography so it took a while to get things dialed in. To get the stars clear without any trailing you need the shutter speed to be under 30 seconds. With my slower f4 wide 10-18mm Canon lens I was more in the 90 second range. The Canon camera companion app worked awesome over wifi. Using the app and bulb mode I could see the timer of how long my exposures were and the full image on my phone after the image was taken. That preview was very handy for composing the shots since the viewfinder is pitch black. Being on the beach alone in the pitch black was amazing. I felt so close to nature with ocean moving and sandstone cliffs all around me. Looking forward to doing more of these shots!



The campground here is packed full of bunnies! There are cute little fluffy bunnies of all colors running around. I was on a conference call and watched Luca deliver carrots to all of the bunnies on our row. It is so special to see how the kids connect with animals so easily.

For our last night in Cape Kiwanda we cooked up some s’mores. Skye was so excited and turned out to be the best marshmallow roaster. Ginger almost roasted her tail which was reminder number 10,000 that she is still a puppy.

Today we start our journey North to Canada.  Happy Trails!

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