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Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

by Chief

We have been having a great week in Cape Kiwanda.  Our campsite is right across the street from the beach, has a pool, café and a little store.  This has been a great week to finally settle down and relax.  Well school also started so sometimes we are more trying to relax than not.

On the trip out to the coast we stopped by the Wings and Waves waterpark.  What a place!  The waterpark is part of the aviation museum in McMinnville and was constructed around a 747.  The kids had a great time on the slides and in the wave pool.

Our first afternoon we explored around the beach at sunset.  The colors were amazing!  Ginger knocked over a kids waffle cone and was in temporary heaven before getting sick to her stomach.  She is still very much a puppy in that way.  Seeing her run around the beach made us all smile.

After work on Tuesday the kids and I attempted to sandboard down the dunes.  It was really windy but Luca and Skye trudged on.  Being on top of the dune with the sand blowing all around us made us feel like real adventurers.  We were mountain climbing explorers!  After we were back at the campsite Skye asked if we could go back the next day.   It was a great after work adventure for me.  Bonus time to connect and bond with Luca and Skye.

Each morning I have enjoyed amazing sunrises down at the beach with Ginger.  Today Lara joined me which was a treat.  The first day I took the drone out over the cliffs and got some amazing shots.

Watching the fisherman launch their boats from the beach was also very cool.  They use a buddy system where the owner will launch the boat and then his buddy will park the trailer.

Being on the coast and enjoying the sun is the best! We will definitely come back someday soon.

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