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Salem Oregon

by Chief

Our first stop of the trip was more of a logistical stop than a fun exploration stop.  The dealer where we bought our van is in Salem and is going to do some work on it while we camp out in Hood River.

Salem is a funny place.  As we drove around the kids were saying “oh I remember this town” like we had been here before sometime.  Salem has a small American style downtown, a nice river and the states capital building.   The kids had a great time riding the carousel and playing at the local water park.

This morning we celebrated Skye’s 7th birthday.  So cute to see her little smile as we woke up today.  The kids are settling in to the new space really well.  So far having them sleep in the kitchen area has worked out ok.  It would be better to have a bunk room where we would not have to convert the space each night.

The reason we came to Salem was to drop off our new van to get converted from two wheel drive over to four wheel drive.  4×4 vans are the bomb!  Can’t wait to get our van back from the conversion and to finish building it out.

Tonight we are off to visit Ultimate Airstream to see about building a office in the front of our trailer.  Check out their awesome shop here.

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